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Traficom is constantly developing the service and is happy to receive development suggestions and other feedback on it. You can submit them using the feedback form or by calling our telephone service, tel. +358 295 345 610. The telephone service is open Mon-Fri 9:00-15:00.

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About the project and its development

In 2018, the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) tendered the procurement of a measurement tool that would be implemented on an open source basis and made available for all EU Member States to freely utilise and edit.The purpose of the procurement was to promote net neutrality and make it possible to consistently measure and compare the quality of internet connections between Member States. In 2019, Traficom launched the project. Unfortunately, BEREC’s measurement tool ended up falling short of the requirements set for the project, so the work on the development of harmonised measurement tools had to be started from scratch.

Based on information collected by BEREC on the measurement tools and best practices of regulatory authorities, the majority of the open source applications offered by regulatory authorities are based on Netztest code. Considering different options for the project, Traficom ended up choosing the RTR-NetTest offered by the regulatory authority of Austria as the basis for developing its own measurement tool. is also open source, with other Member States free to utilise it in their own projects.

The concrete development of the service started in spring 2021 following a tendering procedure in which Visma Consulting Oy was chosen to implement the service. To ensure that the measurements are fair for all telecommunications operators, the measurement servers of the service are located close to Finland’s largest internet exchange point. The measurement servers and related telecommunications are operated by CSC – IT Center for Science. The visual appearance and usability of the service was designed by Valve Branding Oy in collaboration with Traficom’s project team.

Stakeholders involved in the development

Recognising that the service is also relevant to Traficom’s stakeholders, Traficom has strived to keep the development work as transparent and open as possible. To this end, stakeholders have participated in the development work through numerous workshops and by sharing their suggestions and views regarding the development of the service. The interaction with stakeholders has proven invaluable for the development of the service.

More information for those interested in Austria’s application:

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